UC Davis Supplemental Home Loan Program (SHLP)

Supplemental Home Loan Program

SHLP was established to provide below-market-rate secondary financing to assist eligible faculty members and members of the Senior Management Group in the acquisition of a principal place of residence.

UC Davis SHLP loans may only be used in conjunction with the University’s Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) loans to reduce the cash down payment required to as low as five percent. 

Eligibility: The eligible population for the program consists of full-time University appointees who:

  • Are eligible for participation in the MOP program
  • Are within 2 years of initial appointment start date
  • For additional restrictions, contact the program administrator

Note: Program participation is subject to the availability of campus funding. 

Loan Term: All loans are fully amortized with terms up to fifteen years.

Loan Position: SHLP loans must be secured on the property by a second deed of trust.

Loan Type: Fixed rate, short-term loans

Current Interest Rate: 3.0%

Amortization: SHLP loans are fully amortized. Each campus determines maximum loan amounts and program parameters for their campus borrowers.

Assumability: Loans under this program are not assumable.

Repayment: Monthly repayment is made through payroll deduction. Repayment in full is required six months after separation from the University, unless separation is due to retirement or disability.